Sunday, September 26, 2010

Goodday Interface Design (tryout)

This is the 1st tryout main page for Goodday and it is an incomplete version.

ps.More will upload soon. Stay tune!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Moodboard and Revised Site Map

Here is the mood board for my redesigned website - Goodday and also the revised site map for it:

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Competitors Website Screenshot

4 competitors commercial website screenshot:

-Pura is a very famous milk brand in Australia. The website itself is organized and the layout is consistent.
-The disadvantages of this website is probably the hierachy of the content. Not obvious at all and don't have the contrast between the title and the navigation design.
-The color scheme is very close to the Goodday website and it is a good reference for me to redesign it.(What a coincidence!XD)

-Nestle is a famous food and beverage company in Malaysia.
-The website itself look professional and the layout is clean due to the usage of white background.
-The cons of this website is the loading speed too slow and it will induce the user don't have much patience to wait.
-The navigation design is nice especially it use color to differentiate it.
-Some of the typography treatment is not enough and not contrast at all.

-Marigold is one of the famous beverage brand in Malaysia.
-The logo for this brand is not outstanding and the typo treatment is boring.
-The color scheme look a bit weird, something like a restaurant website.
-I would suggest the color change to blue and red to suit the packaging itself.

4.Dutch Lady
-Dutch Lady same like the nestle website, both also look very professional layout and it is easy to know where the user is.
-It also apply the lightbox to show its product.
-Some navigation button is not obvious and the title also.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The 4 things

4 beautiful commercial website screenshot:


-I inspired by this website due to the color mode and the composition itself and I believe this can really help me in redesign my client website.
-this website used a lot of cute character and graphic to enhance the overall feeling of this website.


-I like the interactive of this website which is the car can be move by swaping the information above on it.
-this website really having the old school style due to the typography it used and also the graphic itself.
-the navigation is visible and it is organize.


-I like the typo treatment they used on the logo because it is interesting and will motivate the user to know the meaning behind of it.
-The color mode of this website is nice and it is very contrast between the content and the image.
-Besides that, the website itself doesn't look very fancy or heavy.On the other hand, it is light and the loading speed is quite good.


-I like the interactive of this website which is the message really related to the camera itself.
-Another things that I can said on this website is it really show this website is about the camera because they used a lot of picture to explain or introduce the camera itself rather than used a lot of words to describe it.

4 HTML/CSS Tutorial links:

4 Design Tutorial links:

Web Design 2: Gantt Chart & Site Map

Gantt Chart:

Site Map:

Web Design 2: Redesign Commercial Website

The chosen website for this project is Below is the screenshot of this website:-

Home Page:

Company Profile:

Corporate Vision/Mission:

Product Range:


Monday, May 24, 2010


Here is the TAC-girl flowchart: